Riverside Veterinary Clinic Dr. Cleve R. Bridges, DVM.
Riverside Veterinary ClinicDr. Cleve R. Bridges, DVM.

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No matter the size, big or small! We'll take care them all short or tall! 



Our relationship may be a bit passive-aggressive, but the mutual love comes from the time invested.



We get so attached to the pets that we meet. It creates a bond that helps us to adequately treat.  



Ask Rudy, he'll tell ya!

Any ailment you have, just come see Cleve. He'll fix ya right up and get you ready to leave.



Riverside Veterinary Clinic: 


Dr. Cleve will be out of the office- ON Saturday, September 2 and Monday, September 4 in observance of Labor Day.

Riverside Veterinary Clinic understands the unique relationship between you and your pet. We treat our own pets like royalty

and will roll out the red carpet for yours, too. Your beloved companion will receive the best possible care in our capable hands. 

Our experienced veterinarian is committed to staying on the cutting edge of innovative technology. We use only the most advanced veterinary medicine to treat our furry patients. From consultation to diagnostics and treatment - our team is committed to preserving and restoring your animal's health.

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