Preventative Pet Care Extends Far Beyond The Boundaries Of Your Veterinarian’s Office

Pets depend on their owners to provide them with a safe and loving home and to protect them from harm. One of the best things pet parents can do for their pets to protect them for the long haul, is to engage in preventative care practices from the very beginning. The veterinary team here at Riverside Veterinary Clinic in Donalsonville, wants to make pet parents aware, there are some preventative measures that require veterinary intervention, however there are a number of preventative measures they can engage in to ensure the health and vitality of their pets at home. Here are a few of them.

Annual Pet Exams

Annual visits with a veterinarian is one of the best things people can do for their pets. Pet exams are the first line of defense in regard to the early detection of diseases, and other issues that could affect the health of your pet. Some things included in a comprehensive veterinary exam include laboratory tests and skin assessments. The blood test are conducted to test for endocrine diseases like pet diabetes, Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism. It is important to note that endocrine disorders in pets don’t have to be life threatening. Pets can live healthy lives as long as the conditions are detected early and appropriate treatment is administered. Laboratory tests also include examining urine and stool samples.

Our veterinarian and his team will also examine the coats and the skin of pets to ensure that there are no infestations or any type of dermatitis that may require treatment. Our vet also looks for indicators in regard to the nourishment of the pet. If there are indications the pet’s nutritional needs are not being met, our veterinarian counsels owners about proper pet nutrition, and advises them on a diet that would provide proper nourishment. It should be noted that nutritional requirements change during the lives of pets, and understanding senior pet care in regard to nutrition is important. Pet exams also include annual vaccinations for rabies, canine parvovirus, distemper and parainfluenza.

Preventative Measures Pet Owners Can Take

One of the best things pet owners can do for their pets is make sure they get adequate exercise on a daily basis. Playing with your dog or cat at least 20 minutes daily helps them keep the extra weight off. Pets who maintain a healthy weight have a better change of warding off cardiovascular and endocrine disorders. Helping pets maintain the proper weight also helps to prevent joint issues as they get older.

Heartworms pose a grave threat to the lives of pets. There is treatment available for heartworms, however pets stand a greater chance of surviving the disease if it is detected early. If Heartworm disease is not treated, it will lead to the eventual death of the pet. One of the best ways to prevent them from getting this terrible disease is to discuss preventative treatment options with a veterinarian.

Whether a pet wanders off, or is stolen, it is a traumatic experience for any pet owner who is faced with the prospect of never seeing their dog or cat again. Pet owners can have their pets microchipped to help them locate their animal should the unthinkable happen. The small device can be placed by a veterinarian’s office in as little as 10 minutes. Placement of the device is virtually painless, and the procedure is fairly inexpensive.

The Dynamic Duo

Annual vet exams and engaging in pet safety practices at home is the best way to ensure the health of your pet. Make sure you keep pesticides and other harmful chemicals out of the reach of pets. You should also speak with your veterinarian about how to properly control fleas and ticks. Scheduling your dog or cat for regular dental exams and cleanings will also help keep them healthy, and help detect the early onset of disease. To learn more about other things you can do to keep your pet healthy, or to schedule an appointment for an exam or pet nutrition counseling session, give us a call here at Riverside Veterinary Clinic in Donalsonville at (229) 524-6198 today.