Wellness Care For Your Puppies And Kittens

At Riverside Veterinary Clinic in Donalsonville, we provide exceptional care for animals of all ages. While puppies and kittens are the cutest little animals, they are also the most fragile. Their young systems can be exposed to many unfamiliar conditions that would call for extra care. This is why we have a variety of services to assure that your kittens and puppies grow up to be healthy dogs and cats. We notably offer wellness exams, vaccines, de-worming medications, micro-chipping, and other services.

Kitten and Puppy Plan

Puppies and kittens are part of the family. As pet owners, we want to give them the most in life. That is why we understand the extra level of care and attention they need. We offer kitten and puppy plans that includes examinations to make sure they are always in good health. In your kitten or puppy plan, it covers vaccines up to 6 months of life. This incorporates the rabies shot and other essential vaccinations. Rabies is a notorious disease that can cause symptoms like fever, seizures, change in tone bark, and paralysis. It is also important to note that rabies certification is required to travel in planes and internationally. If you are planning to take your companion animal with you when traveling, schedule an appointment with our veterinary team in Donalsonville and we will be happy to complete the certification before your travels. Another example of a require vaccination your puppy will need, and is in the puppy plan, is the kennel cough vaccine. This unfortunate and contagious disease amongst dogs causes a respiratory infection. Kennel cough symptoms include a dry cough, fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, and a runny nose. Give Our Veterinary Team A Call Today!

For more information about our kitten and puppy plans and veterinary services, or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian in Donalsonville, contact Riverside Veterinary Clinic by calling (229) 524-6198.